Of Mithril, Elves and Emperors

Too deep they dug in the earth, but they were a fine race who made the most wondrous things…




There was a mighty battle, and many proud men fell beside their king…


And all was lost to greed and selfishness? Or was it already all about greed and selfishness and this was what was finally lost?

Please see The Emperor’s Tomb on this site now stocked full of gilded silver goods of Chinese royalty that are span back to the beginnings of kingdoms themselves, when men first called themselves better than others and wielded power over them- all being sold on Ebay for a fraction of their value by the very same people who made up the Four Olds and destroying them systematically.

Supposedly only the First Emperor’s Terra Cotta army has been unearthed and the rest of his mausoleum still awaits official excavation, but wouldn’t these flashy silver items match other items in a tomb that was also fabled to be full of mercury? “Mercury was used to simulate the hundred rivers, the Yangtze and Yellow River, and the great sea, and set to flow mechanically. Above were representation of the heavenly constellations, below, the features of the land.” – Sima Qian of the 1st Emperor’s Tomb

Though communism is supposed to partially be about resource redistribution, all of these items’ of the former emperors appear to be sold by only one person/shop or perhaps just two or three, which means the rest of China really isn’t getting its share of its own history. Sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of truly important items and artifacts of history and prehistory that China is currently selling prior to any scientists looking at them outside of their own loyal party members.

The Chinese have really done quite a number on Tibet as well as the emperor, and taken much of their archaeological past, sacred items from monasteries, stupas and monks, and even robbed the women by the numbers of charms and their jewelry for sale. Our sister site The Tibetan Holocaust highlights many more items which are being looted and sold by these traitors to their own country, history and people.





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